Interesting Facts about 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐

1.??? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 is the only contact University of Technology that is situated in the?Southern Tip of Gauteng.

2.??? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 was established in 1966. It is now a fully-fledged?University of Technology.

3.??? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 celebrated?50 years?of technological education in 2016.

4.??? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 has?produced leaders?in private and public sectors.

5.??? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 has four faculties that offer courses in Applied and Computer Sciences, Human Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and Management Sciences.

6.??? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 offers?industry-tailored?academic programmes.

7.??? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 draws its?students from 29 countries?around the world.

8.? ? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 is the only university in SA that offers?Non-Destructive Testing.

9.??? 新沙巴体育网_沙巴体育app-篮球世界杯投注网址推荐 is the only university that fully owns a?Science and Technology Park, situated in Sebokeng, south of Gauteng.